Saturday, 14 March 2015

Life is not REAL!

The world which we live in, our existence which is known as life is not real. It was never real and it will never be real. We were born, we grew up doing many things, we made friends, we studied, we worked hard, we got a job, we were married with someone, we had kids, we grew older and we died! Science call it a person's lifetime or life cycle and religion calls it a journey of soul. But in reality, it is plain stupid. Again, how can you determine or know this is reality?

PS: I am not drunk right now!

I always wondered, well from the time I started wondering and it dates back to many year, that what is life? What actually is life? My existence is life? What I feel is life? This planet Earth is life? What is life? Is life the feelings like happy, sad, angry etc? I don't believe there is any person who knows what is life? Every person has a different mindset. Walk on the road, meet strangers and ask them this simple question, what is life? I bet you will get the weirdest and the strangest and the newest of the answers?

We were taught from the starting that there is God who created everything. Well, Science doesn't says so. I am not an atheist but sometimes it's too hard to believe that there is someone who is controlling everything. I can't believe the people's mindset that they don't trust any random stranger but they accept and trust the fact that there is a God who runs and control the whole goddamn Universe! It's really very tough to believe.

So, we were told that Life basically means to be born, grow up and die. This is the basic simple criteria of life and in the whole process, we face trials and tribulations, happiness and success, pain and regret and guilt. Really? Is this life? Life is basically a magic trick performed by the best magician ever and we haven't realized it yet.

Religion says that we have a soul inside us, isn't that frightening in itself? Haven't you ever thought that one day that soul might come out from your body and might talk to you? Frightening! Several experiments have been done on this field and many even agrees with the fact. Incredible Magic trick again!!

Okay, simple point, if really we have a so called 'Life', how can people differentiate between a good life and a bad life? A person born poor and a person born rich, well, who decides that? A person born in USA and a person born in India, who decides that? A person born as a boy and a person born as a girl, who decides that? God? Where is he? Science? How?

Definitely, whoever reading this would either be considering me drunk or maybe insane. I am none. But really, calling a life which has just pain and suffering, is it really worth to have a life? The most intriguing sentence I have heard and read at many places is that, 'I have to know, what I really want in my life' and then, 'I have learned how to live a life.' Please dear friends, please teach me that. How have you learned to live a life? How can you seriously define life?

We are just like animals who are left in wildlife sanctuaries. At a point they start to believe that this is their home and they live there only, despite the fact that they are given a specific place to live. We are the same. Someone pulled a magic trick and we tend to believe everything around us is real.

We know how we are born which is by the process of reproduction. I agree, that is a clear method, believable! But death? What happens after death? If we believe in the 'Soul' term, what happens to it? Confused? There is no proof till date of our after-death, though there are some cases in which people described that they have seen the after-death world. To be very frank, I am scared right now, a little. What if today is the last night and tomorrow was just in the plans. Unpredictable, eh!

People believe in the process of birth, they even believe in Last Birth thing, but when it comes to after-death, the most common answer if asked the same is, 'The soul goes to either Heaven or Hell.' Now what is Heaven and Hell? Again, blank! No answer! There are 1000 questions but not a single answer and people have accepted this fact and they live happily in a so called Life

Dreams, now dreams are the most interesting part of Life! What are dreams? What do we see in it? How dreams are controlled and who controls it? Is there a future in dreams? Answer: um, I don't know! Dreams are just dreams. Everyone would have felt some incidents in reality which they would have seen before in dreams. So, are the dreams portal to the future? The source and motivation of my novel was actually a dream. I won't indulge into the story but to be very frank, I saw a dream much related to the theme of my story and I build the whole novel from it. So, basically what are dreams?

People so casually accept Dreams and Death as a part without even trying to know what they are where as they will take a full info of the people they meet. Amazing, isn't it? Certainly, I have many questions about my existence and about the existence of this whole world. I might probably go insane thinking about it in few years or I myself accept it as a fact. But, Life is not Real, it is the best magic trick someone ever pulled! 

You, Yes you, you are not Alone!

I recently took a trip to Pondicherry which is now Puducherry though the previous name was more cool. Anyhow, I was some 50 meters out from the shore, the water level was roughly around my neck and my feet were barely able to be on the ground in the water. The tides were passing though a big one might have caused trouble that time but I had a backup thanks to my friend. Now, when I was trying to be on my feet, I was more focused on thinking about my 2nd Novel's story rather than drowning or something. My eyes were glued at as far as I could see and for a moment I thought I was all alone there, with no one in sight, just silence, only I felt my presence and of course of water but literally, I realized I was alone. But, just a few minutes later, my friend tapped me on my shoulder from behind and some of the friends were screaming from the shore, asking me to be back there for photo session. Just in split second, I was not alone, I had everyone.

Five days since I returned and none of my friends are in hostel, all have gone home. Of course, anyone would feel alone and a person feels alone when his usual routine changes, when the people he moves with suddenly are not moving with him. Well, as a result, I confined myself in my room after bringing some 4-5 packets of grocery items like biscuits and chips and kept on watching many TV series. Today evening, I stepped out of the room and went out of the hostel and I was mixed up with a dozen people. Alone much? No!

The answer to considering considering yourself Alone is that even if your friends are not with you, even if you don't have much friends, even if you have not many people to talk to, you are still never alone. You have to push yourself to move out from the trite routine to be comfortable and to stop from being Alone.

Each and every person in this world was born as a single individual. Should he be called alone? No! In a few seconds, he would have everyone, he was never alone. Any person on this planet is never alone. Any person who claims to be alone just pretends to be alone, he never is. That person is simply so inspired by the movies or anything that he seems it to be cool and a style statement. Well, that happens for only a few minutes or say hours and then that person himself would turn for some company.

The world was not made to stay away and separate, it is made to be close to each other, to love each other, to know each other and the people just don't understand this simple-simple logic. It's really very easy to keep yourself at a distance from the society or the community. It is really very simple to be bored. It is really very simple to be depress and it is really very simple to declare yourself Alone.

But, everything happens for a matter of some time. After say some hours, you tend to talk to someone and that could be anyone, you find yourself a hobby to remove boredom, you either go to counselor or doctor to tackle your depression. You just try to be with someone and at the end you talk to anyone and whine that you are alone and feel better. In a way, you find a way to remove the 'Alone' factor by indulging into someone or something.

Alone is more of a mood. It happens for a very little time duration. Everyone wants a company, a good company. Some are deprived of it but still they hope not to be alone, some have it and they should really not call themselves Alone.

You are never alone, you just pretend to be alone. If you still consider that you don't have anyone, then find someone so that you would no more feel the same. Move out from being recluse, you will be joined by many new faces, still feel Alone? Go out, do something, do anything, make friends, talk to random people, talk to anyone, because there are billions of people and hence you are not alone.

I read an article somewhere a long time back. It was of a person, a USA soldier who served his country in World War II in France. When he came back after a couple of years after the war ended and after surviving two horrifying years, fighting everyday to be alive, he found that his family was no more. His wife, two small kids and his parents all died in a car crash just a couple of weeks before his arrival. He saved his life in the war but couldn't save his family's. He was obviously disturbed with that news, depressed, he even had to go to psychiatrist after that. He said, 'I killed many soldiers and I saw many deaths but the thought of my family waiting for me kept me to go on. Now, there is no one for whom I should live.' The soldier left the army and stayed at his house for almost an year, even the neighbors didn't know about his whereabouts. After a year, he got a job. He started playing guitar at subways and other places and collected money and took homeless people for a meal and talked to them for hours. It was his way not to be Alone. Apparently, he learned on his son's guitar in an year. So, the people who call themselves Alone, what's your excuse?

Life is too short and if you consider yourself alone then rethink, you would have someone with whom you can talk to, share to. Someone includes anyone and everyone even a random person walking on the road. Alone is just an option, it is you who think to take that option. Don't! You are not Alone, look around, you have someone, you have everyone. You, yes you, you are not Alone!

Friday, 23 January 2015

The Taste of Success

So, today's blog entry is not fictional or any kind of motivational drama. This blog entry is only addressed to my friend, Tanu Seth who was placed in a company, Ericsson just a few days ago. As I promised I'll write a blog for you when you'll be placed, so, here it is.

It was July 2014, when three super dream companies came for placements in the college. Super Dreams means CTC above 10 lakhs per annum. Though the hope was very little of being selected, but still rejection is rejection. Moreover, back to back rejections in three big companies definitely hurts.

As every result gives you something to learn, every student as well as Tanu started to study really hard in hope to be placed as soon as possible. When you are in 4th year, the only thing you care about is to see yourself placed. Although that doesn't mean you turn into a self centered lunatic or selfish nerdy character like Chatur Ramalingam. Everyone would be equally happy to see their friends being placed. But, the feeling of yourself getting placed is very different.

So, as the preparations kicked off, companies came and gone but she was not placed. I don't even remember the names of the companies but one after one they came and gone but Tanu was not placed. Sometimes, rejected from written tests, sometimes coding round and sometimes even from the last interview. Definitely, being rejected by approximately more than 25 companies is a disaster in itself. Low in self morale, low in confidence and low in expectancy are just words to say about, but the real feeling, the real pain can be expressed by none until someone has faced it.

I remember after one company, where she was rejected after 2nd interview and where the hopes of being selected were very high after giving a great interview, the mirrors of hopes were broken badly. Eventually, the result made her to skip company after company and when she gave the next company after a month, again she was rejected after the 2nd interview out of 3.

The saturation point had come and the semester was over. I believe after so many rejections, a person would go down and down inside. I have seen people, who whine unnecessarily after being rejected after just a couple of times. If you won't work hard, then how do you expect something in return?

I wrote something related to Rejection a few years back,

Being rejected is bliss, they say.
The lack of confidence which is created, they never say.

Rejection makes you strong, they say.
The mental stress which is created, they never say.

Rejected once, might lift you up.
But, the spate of it, would only bury you down.

Still, the humans are meant to rise up,
To beat the odds is our duty.
To beat the failures should be the aim.
To conquer our fear should be the word.

If Rejection is for failures, then Reverting back is for success.
Facing Rejection is tough, but once lost is more than that.

Ask a quadriplegic who can’t move,
Ask a blind who can’t see,
Ask a soldier who lost his arm in war,
Ask them how they still survive in this gruesome life.
Ask them how they fight back to live their life.
Ask them how they survive, ask them how they survive.

Life was never straight, the turns were intentionally introduced in it.
A wrong turn might have destroyed much, but it never finishes anything.
There is always the other way, there is always a different time.

The idea is not to lose hope.
The idea is to stand back and fight for what you deserve.
The idea is to be impeccable.
The idea is to fight the rejection.

Everyone deserves something, everyone is good at something.
One trial or two don’t decide the fate, but leaving after it surely does.

There is a long way in a short life, keep up the pace, fight till the end.
You never know, further might be the diamonds after the coal.

Take Rejection as a word, and overcome it by learning it.
A day will come, when you would know to handle it.
A day will come when you would know to face it.
And that day will be the one when you would have achieved your aim.

And then you’ll say, Rejection is Bliss.''

You overcame every trial, every roadblock which came to your way and fought with it efficiently. Even after missing the company at the start of the semester, you took it patiently and today you are placed. It might not be a big deal for many, but it's a very big deal for you, your parents, family and friends. I have seen you suffering, I have seen you fighting and I have seen you conquering.

You are a source of inspiration, a story of motivation. I remember after giving an interview or exam, the only thing you were tensed about was, what's there to eat? Frankly, anyone after giving any entrance exam remain tensed till the shortlist or result comes out but your calmness was brilliant. Everyone should actually learn from it. Many can learn from you to how to keep calm and progress, how to keep your hopes alive and fight, how to properly analyze and hit it. I have seen people crying, I have seen myself after being rejected, the insanely way I behave and then I have seen you, frustrated but no problem, next time.

This is that time when people become so desperate to get a job that they would try for any job and every job, but your aim was fixed and leaving companies for the right one was the impeccable decision ever. You have done a tremendous job after such a disaster last semester both physically and mentally. You deserved it, hence you got it! Ericsson!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

It's Simple. DON'T Complicate!

What do you prefer, tangled earphones or the untangled one? What do you prefer, a Highway where your car would move swiftly or a congested road having traffic jam? What do you prefer, a life of a simple person who is not afraid of anything or a life of a terrorist who can't sleep each night afraid of being caught?

I guess and I hope the answer to all the questions would be the simpler one. Well, the same is with Life. Life, what do you know about it? If you ask me, no one knows anything about it! If anyone could answer about the real meaning of life, that is their perception of it. Some believe to live a normal life, being satisfied with what they have. Some believe to climb up the stairs at every possible moment. Most of the human population are of the 2nd kind but after a certain period of time, most of them become the 1st kind. That's how the circle of life works.

So, the point is, no one knows what exactly life is. I have heard that when you realize the meaning of your life, then your life becomes worth living. I say, who is there to judge us? I can work hard and achieve a lot of success in my life or at the same time, I can be idle and do nothing. Money is not much of a problem, you can actually earn the money anyhow which would cover your basic necessity.

So, as everyone have their own perception of life, I have my own. Life is something which should be kept simple. By simple I don't mean problem free life. No! Whatever you will do, you will definitely face some kind of problem. What I mean is, there is no one to judge you, no one. You are the only judge of your life. So, why can't we keep it simple? Why can't we be away from the complicated part? Well, already you have so many problems, why do you complicate life?

For example, if a mother strongly emphasize not to do that particular thing and that might be catastrophic, then why should the son do that? He shouldn't, he shouldn't complicate the whole scene. For example, if someone is married and wife tells her husband not to do that particular thing, then what is the need to do it? I'm not talking about the restrictions, I'm talking about complicating the things.

Unfortunately, we humans are in a tendency to complicate everything we have got and then blame either to God or others. We would whine for the next many years but won't simplify it. If you had a very strong friendship and which is broken now, the only possible explanation is that the things became complicated. Well, just like the earphones are untangled and used again, the same could be done with broken friendships or any other relation with anyone. We, humans search for new people and just leave behind the old ones. Then we should also buy new earphones every time they become tangled.

Well, easier said than done, but that's the story of every Human Being and that includes me as well. The whole point of this post was, life is simple, pretty simple. The only complicated thing in our whole lifetime was the way we were born and that was the time when we cried without reason. Life is simple, if you manage it very well. There is a difference between problem and complication. Problem arises because of each and every complication which was done before and it evolved over the time and came in-front of us as a problem.

I am not saying to live your life the way you started it. I am not saying not to hope and not to aim for more. But, everything can be done if you follow a simple path, then your hope and aim would definitely be fruitful, not today but definitely tomorrow.

Everyone has a complicated life, not a problematic one and that's the reason we do not tend to enjoy it or smile about it or be happy about it. A person can only smile or laugh if he would have a simpler situation. So, try to keep everything simple, life is not about ego, it is not about proving others wrong. Life was meant to be simple and to keep it simple.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Uncertainty of Life!

'When I'll be back, we'll go for dinner in a fancy restaurant' said a mother to her child before getting on MH370. 'Dad, please come back soon, I have a lot to tell you and have a safe flight' said a child to his father who was getting on MH17. 'I love you and I'll surely miss you. Don't worry we'll meet soon, it's just a month' said a person to his wife who was later killed in a car accident.

There is nothing as such, 'Will meet you next time', there is nothing as such, 'will do the rest tomorrow.' There is nothing like tomorrow, there is nothing like future. What's there for you at the next turn, no one knows. What's there for you at the next hour, you don't know.

Imagine those people how would they have felt when the person very close to them might have died. Not only this, what if the two had quarreled over a topic and the 2nd person would have left to avoid a scene and the next news he might have heard was the death of the 1st. It could be by anything, road accident, heart-attack, falling down from stairs, anything. Imagine the guilt the other person would hold. Imagine the regret the people hold when their loved ones suffer a sudden demise and they wouldn't be able to say the final goodbye.

I know a person who was in school when his grand-mother was very ill. Daily that person used to smile before going to school and the grand-mother would return back a smile with a few words like, 'Had breakfast' or anything while she remained in the bed. One day that person woke up late, he looked at her grand-mother who was sleeping, her eyes closed but in a hurry didn't wait for her to wake and didn't smile that day. While he was in school, someone came to his school to pick him up and to inform him that his grand-mother died. Imagine the emotions that person would have went through? He could have waited a few seconds to smile but it wasn't in his fate.

Life is too short and hating and fighting with the person whom you love should be considered to be a waste of time. You never know, one day you will hurriedly go for office without meeting your family members but you won't come back. Success, career, accomplishment should be important but keeping your loved ones happy should be the prime item in the list, because again you never know what will happen next.

What will you prefer? Final goodbye with a smile or final goodbye with a fight. Obviously the 1st option. Death is not controlled, it's not in your hands but keeping good terms, living happily, making everyone smile, that is in your hands and which you can control very easily.

At the end, everyone has to die, whether today or tomorrow, it doesn't matter. You will be left with memories which will make you cry, which will make you regret all the bad times which you experienced before. It's your choice, have those memories with everyone that you'll cherish even after the person's death, not those that you'll be succumbed to regret.

Personally, I'm not afraid to fail in the exams, I'm not afraid of failing to achieve anything, I'm not afraid to taste failure. I'm only afraid to lose the people I care about.

Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others. For me, I don't feel satisfied to make myself happy rather I feel the best to make others happy, to see people smile because of me. The idea of keeping yourself happy is long gone in the past, make others happy, make others smile, surely there would be someone to do the same for you too.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

'Chance': You were already given!

I was terrified, scared and restless for seeing all doors in-front of me closed. I was not talking to anyone, I was staying recluse, I was running far away from everyone. I was doing all kinds of weirdness, I was irritated and frustrated. I had no hope, no ray of light, nowhere to go.

I believe at one point of time, it happens with everyone when you raise many questions on your own existence, on your life, on your luck, on the chances given, on the opportunities you lost, on seeing success of others and yours failure. It is a common psychology when you are preparing for something with all your heart and when a roadblock hits you hard amid the process, you tend to lose, you tend to be mentally exhausted.

I was working on something from quite some time and thought of having a review. I showed my work to someone and got the mixed response, though the negative ones could be improved easily, but I was stunned and startled. I saw myself falling down, saw myself crushing my own dreams, saw myself talking nonsense to everyone, saw myself thinking the worst that could happen to me. But I was wrong.

Actually, I'm blessed with some people who are with me and who comes and teaches me every time, seriously every time, whenever I wish to quit my dreams. It's in my habit or maybe others also, I tend to start questioning the meaning of life. Why were we born? Who is God? What is Universe? Where would we go after death? Were we born simply to face the problems throughout our lifetime and then die hurting others?

The possible and the best explanation I got from someone was, 'The life which you were given is itself a CHANCE which no one realizes. Even if there is no explanation of many things, would you be happier to have a life of a rat or would you be happier to have a life of a human?'

Science will always fight with the BELIEFS, but it us who are caught in between. We are living, that itself is a chance because there are many creatures who are also in this world but that's not living. But being 'Human' is a chance, a chance to do anything you wish to do, which you like, which you want to. Rather questioning your existence, rather questioning the closed door, rather questioning the lost opportunities, rather questioning your failures, think only one thing that is, you are living, you are a human, this is your chance! Period.

Who knows what happens after we die and who cares? We should not waste that much of time to think the after-life shit, instead we have a chance because we are living. So, create opportunities, open new doors, leave the failures behind and take a detour to reach success.

Total living things, including all the animals, insects, plants and human beings on this planet would be much more than 10000 billions but see, you are lucky enough to be Human. 'Life' is a chance not a burden. 'Life' is an asset not a liability. The Chance was already given to you, it's time to utilize!

Monday, 10 March 2014


What I have written till now and what I usually write is usually related to Success and Motivation stuff but the reason why I actually write is my Parents! Yes, they are the only reason why I started to write and I'm glad I have done this.

Without looking any childhood pictures because they bring back the old memories, I remember a scene I guess I was 3 years old because before that I don't remember anything, so, I was sitting on my papa's laps and both were watching a cricket match. He was interested in watching the match where as I was least interested and had my full attention towards my papa who was smiling at me, making faces as I looked at him.

The reason for writing this post is because today in the morning, I asked my father to credit me some money because I was broke, AGAIN! Naturally like any other father, he asked me the reason because the last time I asked was just a week before, yet I was over with the money. A little explanation to him, and he transferred a little more than I asked without any scuffle, without any altercation over phone. Now this is the part where I feel living in Hostel sucks because that was the time when I wanted to hug my father, or smile at him. But, no I couldn't, I was refrained to only say thank you!

I desist myself from any kind of work, lied down, played songs on the phone, and remembered everything from the starting. I was nostalgic, deep into nostalgic as I remembered every small stuff, every small detail how my mother would put me over the slab and then cook dinner while I sat there placid and calmly looking at the most beautiful person, how my father would make me stand in-front of him on the scooter and when I would feel the cold breeze he would turn my face towards him. I could write a whole book of events, lively and memorable moments and events with my parents.

Last Summer, me and my brother told my parents to take us to a trip, that was awesome too though, the real trip, the real adventure are the moments which you share regularly, daily. You don't know how much precious they are until and unless you move out of the home and live in all new world. Being is hostel feels like being independent, but I still miss my home, I miss my parents, I miss my brother. The most common words which everyone says are, 'I miss Mom's cooked food', but what everyone misses is the warmth and love which radiate from her and transfers in to the food.

There are times when every child would have become hostile, when they demanded from their parents and there are times in everyone's life when they simply can't fulfill your wishes not because they don't want to, but just because they can't at that very moment. Sharing one example, I asked for a new phone, they refused, i asked again they refused, again and refused, I went home from hostel in semester break, I asked again and they refused but one night we all returned after doing dinner from outside, and what I got was a brand new phone, a surprise gift from my parents and my brother.

If any person would say I hate my parents, they have nothing done for me then possibly one should take a knife and stab the person, stab enough to die. If Parents go against you, then that is for a reason, they know better than you, if they shackle you from doing anything, understand it, just because they know what might be the consequences.

Frankly, I have shouted, I have fought a lot with them and now I regret doing everything like that because now I understand the true and real values which they have taught me over the years. Whenever any kind of quarrel occurs with my parents and unintentionally if I might have said anything, it would have been venting out my anger but for them that's hurt, hurt right at heart. I feel bad now, why-just why I argued with them so vaguely, being so naive that I caused them hurt, cause them to cry inside.

I have read somewhere and this is a fact, 'Whole world might go against you but your parents would always hold your hand', until and unless you do something remarkably unethical. What I learnt in all these years is, if your parents give you a straight no, then understand them than be aggressive, sit with them and ask the problem rather scream on top of your lungs and go out!

Even an atheist believes in his/her parents, no matter he/she doesn't believe in anything else. Respect your parents, they did more than enough for you and would continue doing more than their reach till their end. Respect their love for you, no parents hates their kids. Respect your parents for guiding you, respect your parents for giving you values, respect your parents for everything. Life is very short, very unpredictable, don't be a person who would regret later for not doing anything for his/her parents, be a person who knows how to keep his/her parents happy and satisfied. Even when they retire and you would earn, most importantly they would require your care, your support and your presence. Laugh with them, live with them, thank them and love them!